Our Progress

~ Photos by David Chidlow, Jurien Bay ~

On Sunday, September 6 2020 an historical occasion was celebrated with the blessing and burying of a foundation stone for the new Catholic Church in Jurien Bay. Fr Renald Anthony (Administrator – Catholic Parish of Moora) surrounded by a group of local parishioners as well as visitors prayed with those gathered for a safe and successful project. This ceremony marked a long wait from when Emeritus Archbishop Barry Hickey visited Jurien Bay in 1995 and promised that one day the local community would have its own church.

The foundation stone has been blessed and buried under the exact location of the altar in the proposed new building and a small marker will be placed in the floor of the church to acknowledge this.

The Jurien Bay church, under the patronage of Our Lady Star of the Sea, is under the administration of the Catholic Parish of Moora and in 2018 Fr Chris Webb established a local committee to develop a brief for the construction of the new church. The committee was guided by personnel from the Archdiocese of Perth and after many months of work submitted the brief to the Diocesan Resources Committee for approval. Since Fr Chris has moved on to other work, it has fallen to Fr Renald Anthony to administer the completion stage.

The blessing and laying of the stone signals that work will commence shortly and will provide an opportunity for many local community members and businesses to engage in this historical development.