Our History

Jurien Bay is part of the Parish of St John the Baptist in Moora and there has been a Catholic presence in the community from the time of the mid 1960’s. There was a church presence in the town up to the Second World War when there was an Anglican church that had been built with local labour and from community funding. That building was demolished by Army engineers as it was considered a navigational mark that was clearly visible out at sea and could be considered a target by Japanese Naval craft.

The Parish, as it was then, was considered part of the Monastery at New Norcia but came under the control of the Archdiocese of Perth in the 1970’s and ultimately subject to the jurisdiction of the Moora Parish of St John the Baptist. In 1972, Father James O’Brien from Moora celebrated the inaugural Mass in Cervantes. This was followed by Mass in the homes of The Briotti and Keats Families each month. The Easter Mass of 1979 was held in the Cervantes school and had 130 people attend

Various houses and halls have been used by the faith community for worship; more recently using a dedicated small chapel built as an add-on to the Catholic Church House located in Bashford Street, Jurien Bay. This building can comfortably accommodate up to 40 people but is inappropriate for the larger services we experience during holidays when we have Christmas and Easter celebrations with up to 180 people attending Mass. The size and design of the current chapel prevents the celebrations of baptisms, weddings and funerals.

The planning for the proposed church has been slowly progressing over the past decades. Following a submission to the Archdiocese of Perth for a new church, approval has been granted to undertake construction of a new church facility dedicated under the patronage of Our Lady Star of the Sea.

The building of the New Church was successfully completed in May 2021. 

The blessing and dedication ceremony of the New Church – Our Lady Star of the Sea was done on 29 May 2021. Most Rev Timothy Costelloe SDB DD, Archbishop of Perth blessed and dedicated the Church.

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