Our Church

While Jurien Bay is a growing and developing community as part of the Moora Parish, it is the growth centre of the Turquoise Coast and the business centre for the Shire of Dandaragan.

This building will become the first dedicated faith building in the locality of Jurien Bay, and will make a spiritual statement to the local community through its location and architectural design, will enable the local Catholic community to be able to celebrate the sacraments of the Church and will support and nurture the faith journey of those who are welcome to worship.

A special access will provide for a Blessed Sacrament chapel as part of the building for people who wish to have a “quiet reflection space” during times when services are not being held.

There may be opportunities that will enable ecumenical services to be undertaken with other faith denominations.

The building is designed to naturally blend with and integrate into the established local environment as well as the vegetation and landscaping within the site which is a tree lined (Pine trees) along the main street of Jurien Bay and adjacent to key community buildings. The retention of existing trees has been maximised.

Our church will serve the contemporary liturgical and spiritual needs of the Roman Catholic Church in the locality of Jurien Bay/Cervantes in the Parish of Moora and therefore is to be a sacred space and a welcoming place not just for Catholic parish members, but for the wider community as well as the extensive number of visitors during key holiday seasons.

Our church building will be a place for the assembly and its liturgies as well as a place for prayer and reflection. The church building stands as a sign of the kingdom of God and of God’s dwelling among men and women.

It is intended that an invitation be extended to local artists, artisans, organisations and trades to contribute to the artworks and structure of the building and its surrounds. It is hoped such inclusions will bring the building into the entire community and will be a clear symbol of the inclusive nature of the Catholic Church