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Specific Needs

To finish our Church we still need to purchase many items. Below is a list of our current needs.

  • Altar $3,000 Fully paid
  • Icon of Our Lady $3,500 Fully paid
  • Lectern $1,250
  • Presidential Chair $1,850
  • Baptismal Font $1,840
  • Sound System $30,000 (partly paid)
  • Floor Covering $17,000 (partly paid)
  • 2×65″ TVs and bracketing Televisions $3,300 (partly paid)
  • Lawn + Landscaping $6,000
  • Pathways $7,000
  • Garden + Reticulation $3,000

Some items haven’t been fully priced

  • Sanctuary Chairs (two needed)
  • Credence Table
  • Frames for Stations of the Cross
  • Many parishioners have enquired about the high price of the TVs.  This is due to the large size, the demands of having a TV with high brightness and contrast (much higher than regular TVs), and having the appropriate data inputs. We want to future proof our investment.





Roman Catholic Archbishop of Perth
Moora Church Account

BSB NO: (036-106)

ACCOUNT NO: 79-0041

Reference: Jurien Bay Church “Mention name of specific item”